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T 101

Simple but elegant, the T101 composite dinghy from Transfusion Boat Works Inc. is a smart solution to the dinghy question. This 8 ½ rowing dinghy seats 2 people, rows easily and tows well too. With a 5hp motor bracket off center, this dinghy can be rowed or used with an auxiliary to serve as a tender. 

The T101 can also arrive in a sailing version. A daggerboard trunk under the removable middle seat is molded in and the mast step as well. The 2 piece carbon mast has no shrouds for ease of rigging. A headstay comes with the jib option. 40 sq. ft. mainsail with leech battens slides over the mast for easy rigging. Kick up rudder allows beach ability. The T101 draws only 4” of water with a 300 lb. maximum capacity for passengers. Built lighter to last longer and do more things well the T101 is a smart choice. 

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