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T 12.1

The T-12 is the product of direct market research. The sailors polled stated that affordability, durability, performance, and comfort are what they want in the next boat, in that order. Transfusion's 12.1 is for sail now! The 12.1 is affordable for anyone who seeks a smarter way to get two people of any size and age out in a small sailboat. 

Transfusion Boats are built of superior grade materials for longer life and better resale value. Stronger and stiffer hulls and decks make boats that are rugged and seaworthy. And fast! Upwind, off-wind and maneuvering through tacks and jibes. The T 12.1 has a big open cockpit for plenty of room for two. Radiused seat tanks, deck camber, and a higher boom make it easier to enjoy the feeling of this boat with the whole family. Transfusion Boat Works Inc. offers several options. The T12.1 is available with a smaller rig, specifically designed for use as a club trainer. A bow spirit and an asymmetrical off wind sail make for a challenging round-the-buoys racer. T 12.1 has a recommended crew weight of anywhere from 135 lbs. - 375 lbs. And can be adjusted for it. A jib comes standard. So, if you feel the need for speed, yet comfort, stability, and quality construction are essentials in your next boat, come test sail the T 12.1 today... it's the day sailer engineered for your sailing needs. 


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